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Free video editor: maker Movie


Free video editor is a simple movie maker hd and powerful videoshop for android,he is a home movie studio that you can make video instagram, and create a slideshow with your photos. you can also merge your videos whatsapp or add music to photo instagram. a tutorial can help you how to work in this home cinema : video editor, video player hd, video maker and video downloader,all that you can find it inside of our apps. video maker for android or video makers for instagram support many kinds of format .mp4, .mp3 (..)Free video editor support many features and tools that can you hepl to edit videos and photo:- Add music to video !- Choose your photos, create slide shows- Split and control your video.- Merge many videos into one file.- save your video in high quality.- convert video to MP3.and also there are many magic feature that you can discover ! what you waiting install video editorand enjoy with it !!